Project Webcams for Project Management

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Project Webcams for Project Management

The video above is an example of a time lapse video we typically create monthly for our clients to demonstrate progress on-site for major projects. In conjunction with the BIM look-ahead tools we use in Navisworks these video representations of the work done on site each month are great way to communicate works completed to Clients and other stakeholders at a minimum set-up and ongoing cost.

We are big believers in webcams on-site to monitoring construction works projects over $3M. Having a remotely accessible web camera on-site just makes sense these days even in remote locations as generally every construction site today regardless of geographic location has an internet connection to enable use of this valuable tool.

For the small capital cost of the cameras which can be as low as $500 for a live and timelapse outdoor rated camera to $2,500 for a top of the range external pan tilt zoom camera the value the footage and time lapse image can add to a project are far outweighed.

As a project management tool the advantages include:

  • Monitor and works daily and keep accurate records to assess delay claims, wet weather claims and other site based claims avoiding dispute.
  • Remotely issues on site and inspect progress at any time, even the ability to inspect works using a high quality PTZ camera.
  • Show progress with timelapse video to clients, consultants, contract team and project stakeholders

Below is an image of a typical set up we have on a remote site in Lae, Papua New Guinea. The setup includes a 720 p fixed camera which takes live video as well as 720p PTZ camera. Both of these cameras have remote login ability and the time lapse camera sends images back to our main server in Cairns every 10 minutes.

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