Port Moresby Soccer Stadium - All in a days work!

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Port Moresby Soccer Stadium - All in a days work!

Our Client, a Contractor in Papua New Guinea specialising in design and construction projects rang us on a Thursday afternoon after lunch with an urgent request for a concept design on a soccer stadium presentation to be provided to their Client the following morning at a breakfast meeting.

Always up for a challenge Andrew and I dropped what we were doing that afternoon and put together a simple precast concrete designed stadium with a steel roof structure that we thought could not only be built should the project proceed, but also provide a simple and cost effective design solution with some simple architectural elements.

So in the space of an afternoon we took in a quick design review meeting, developed a proposed construction methodology to ensure the job could actually be built should the client press the button the very next day (this happens more than you think).  In two hours time we had a preliminary Revit model ready for review.  Another hour later we had added some architectural finish to colours and decorative screens. Concurrently I set to work creating site entourage models such as local sign boards, lighting towers, soccer goals etc. to make the presentation imagery more realistic.

At around 10 pm that evening we emailed off to the Contractor a set of concept plans and elevations a series of six simple architectural artists impression renders and a simple proposal for them to sit down with thier client over breakfast.  

The finished concept whilst simple and full of element that require further design development is, in our opnion a great effort for an afternoon / evenings effort.  Certainly the Client was happy with what we could give them in the time frames provided.


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